NPK E202 Side Bolt Complete

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Our Side Bolt Complete is a direct fit for your NPK.

The tie rods are designed to absorb the vibration stressors evenly. Tie rods also maintain hydraulic pressure between seals and other critical breaker parts. When the rods and nuts are torqued correctly, there should be minimal fatigue in the rod and nut threads.

Our tools are crosses to NPK Part Numbers ******** .

Big Hammer Co is an aftermarket manufacturer for all the brands we sell. Big Hammer Co is not endorsed or sponsored by, or in any way associated with NPK. This product is an aftermarket part.

Any use of or reference to the NPK trademark is for the sole purpose of indicating compatibility or product fit, and is not meant to imply any affiliation or relationship between Big Hammer Co and NPK and/or the NPK Trademark.

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