Hydraulic Hammer Grease - (Various Sizes)

Quantity: Half Case (5 Tubes)
Sale price$65.00


Big Hammer Co's Hydraulic Hammer Grease is a calcium sulfonate complex thickened grease coupled with heavy-duty base oils and fortified
with a high percentage of copper lubricating solids. This grease has excellent inherent properties due to it’s CSC thickening system. This provides excellent high temperature, extreme pressure, and load-carrying capability, as well
as superior protection against water, rust, and corrosion.


Using Hydraulic hammer grease is a must. Check out this article to learn more.

Our Grease provides excellent lubrication of the shaft and bushings on hydraulic breakers and hammers. It is engineered to prevent metal-on-metal contact under severe operating conditions and provides protection against galling, seizures, and breakdown. Our calcium sulfonate thickening system also provides increased mechanical stability and shear stability typically offering extended re-greasing intervals, thus reducing

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