Hydraulic Hammer Grease - 35 LB Pail Bucket

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This high-quality grease is specifically designed to protect hydraulic hammers and demonstrates our commitment to excellence. Its unique formula combines a calcium sulfonate complex thickener with a premium base oil, providing outstanding performance and protection. It prevents wear and pressure, ensuring reliable operation in tough conditions.

Key Features:

  1. Enhanced Protection: HammerDuty™ grease effectively lubricates hydraulic breaker shafts and bushings, preventing metal-on-metal contact and avoiding issues like galling seizures, and equipment breakdown.

  2. Superior Stability: This grease offers excellent mechanical and shear stability thanks to the calcium sulfonate thickening system. It requires less frequent re-greasing and reduces overall consumption.

  3. High-Temperature Performance: HammerDuty™ proves its reliability in high-temperature environments with its high dropping point and exceptional performance, maintaining integrity without compromise.

  4. Water Resistance: This grease exhibits impressive water resistance due to its unique thickener property, maintaining consistency and protective qualities even in wet conditions, eliminating the need for additional tackifiers.

Compared to lithium-complex greases, HammerDuty™ calcium-sulfonate greases outperform them without requiring additional additives. Improved mechanical and shear stability make calcium-sulfonate greases preferred in Hammer applications.

Using Hydraulic hammer grease is a must. Check out this article to learn more.

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