CAT H160DS Head Assembly

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Our Head Assembly is a direct fit for your CAT H160DS. Part number is  185-0702.

The CAT H160DS Hydraulic Hammer Head Assembly is a critical component of the hydraulic hammer mechanism designed for heavy-duty construction and demolition applications. Here is a detailed description of its key features and functions:

  1. Body Construction:

    • The head assembly is constructed from high-strength alloy steel, known for its durability and resistance to wear and impact forces.
  2. Piston and Striking Element:

    • The piston is a robust component that moves within the hammer's cylinder. It is designed to withstand high-pressure forces generated during operation.
    • The striking element, often referred to as the tool or chisel, is attached to the piston. It is the part of the hammer that makes direct contact with the material being broken.
  3. Energy Transfer:

    • The head assembly is responsible for transferring the hydraulic energy generated by the carrier machine's hydraulic system into powerful percussive blows.
  4. Dampening System:

    • Incorporated within the head assembly is a dampening system. This system helps to absorb shock and vibration, reducing stress on the hammer and carrier.
  5. Seals and Bearings:

    • High-quality seals and bearings are integrated into the head assembly to maintain a tight and efficient hydraulic system, preventing leaks and ensuring smooth operation.
  6. Retention System:

    • The head assembly includes a retention system to securely hold the striking element in place. This system is designed to withstand the high forces exerted during operation.
  7. Porting and Hydraulic Connections:

    • The head assembly features hydraulic ports and connections that allow for the flow of hydraulic fluid to power the hammer.
  8. Greasing Points:

    • Proper lubrication is crucial for the longevity and performance of the head assembly. Greasing points are strategically located to ensure essential components receive adequate lubrication.
  9. Compatibility and Sizing:

    • The head assembly is designed to be compatible with specific carrier machines, ensuring a proper fit and optimal performance.
    • Sizing is a critical consideration to ensure that the hammer head assembly is appropriately matched to the carrier's hydraulic capacity.
  10. Maintenance and Inspection:

    • Regular inspection and maintenance of the head assembly are essential to identify any signs of wear, damage, or component fatigue. Timely replacement of worn parts is crucial for continued performance.
  11. Safety Considerations:

    • Proper training and adherence to safety protocols are essential when working with hydraulic hammers and their head assemblies to prevent accidents and ensure operator safety.

The CAT H160DS Hydraulic Hammer Head Assembly, with its robust construction and precision engineering, provides reliable and powerful performance in demanding construction and demolition applications. Regular maintenance and proper operation are key to maximizing its lifespan and efficiency.

Big Hammer Co is an aftermarket manufacturer for all the brands we sell. Big Hammer Co is not endorsed or sponsored by, or in any way associated with CAT. This product is an aftermarket part.

Any use of or reference to the CAT trademark is for the sole purpose of indicating compatibility or product fit, and is not meant to imply any affiliation or relationship between Big Hammer Co and CAT and/or the CAT Trademark.

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