The new STANLEY MB/XP line of premium breakers is comprised of mid-sized and large-sized high production breakers, built for the most demanding applications.  With a wide range of carrier compatibility (from 13 to 80 metric tons) the MB/XP line offers a breaker for every job – from commercial demolition, to road building, quarry work, and production breaking. Utilizing the industry’s most advanced technologies to maximize uptime and increase both efficiency and profitability, the MB/XP line offers an unprecedented number of premium features as

  • Auto-Lubrication to assist with important tool maintenance.  The breaker-mounted, large capacity lubrication device automatically provides grease to the tool and bushings.
  • Mounted SDC Tracking Device helps operators and service personnel with maintenance planning, service tracking, and accumulated work history.
  • Heavy Duty Housings and Wear Plates for extreme durability in the harshest of applications.
  • Fixed Impact Energy Valve allows for use on a wider range of carriers.
  • Vibration Dampening Tie-Rods to maximize uptime.
  • Membrane Type Accumulator eliminates time consuming recharging.
  • Idle Blow Protector prevents blank firing.
  • Underwater Capable on specific models to increase versatility.
  • Hydraulic Overflow Protector for added durability.
  • Stroke Selector to increase blow rate and decrease energy for various applications as a way to maximize efficiency (applicable for large-sized breakers only).

Stanley MB/XP Series Hydraulic Hammers 

Model Carrier class Service weight Oil flow rate Impact rate Working tool diameter
MB/XP2015 12t 1100 kg 90-130 l/min 540-920 1/min
MB/XP2620 16t 1400 kg 120-180 l/min 430-790 1/min
MB/XP3025 21t 1760 kg 200 l/min 450-750 1/min
MB/XP4035 26t 2400 kg 370-630 1/min
MB/XP5545 34t 3400 kg 400-560 1/min
MB/XP8055 43t 4800 kg 370-530 1/min
 MB Series
Model Carrier class Service weight Oil flow rate Impact rate Working tool diameter
MB05 2.3-6t 220 kg 38-83 l/min 650-1550 1/min
MB10 3t 340 kg 56-106 l/min 600-1300 1/min
MB156 0.9-2.7t 80 kg 15-38 l/min 600-1200 1/min
MB256 1.8-4.5t 225 kg 34-60 l/min 700-1200 1/min
MB556 3.2-7.2t 341 kg 45-83 l/min 590-1100 1/min
MB656 5.4-6.5t 396 kg 60-91 l/min 600-1000 1/min


Stanley MBF Series  Hydraulic Breakers
Model Carrier class Service weight Oil flow rate Impact rate Working tool diameter
MBF5 2.22t 210 kg 38-83 l/min 650-1550 1/min


Stanely MBX Series  Hydraulic Breakers

Model Carrier class Service weight Oil flow rate Impact rate Working tool diameter
MBX138 9.0-16t 1029 kg 80-110 l/min 450-630 1/min
MBX15 6t 540 kg 15-25 l/min 400-800 1/min
MBX208 11.7-22.7t 1397 kg 90-120 l/min 400-530 1/min
MBX258 16-25t 1696 kg 100-150 l/min 350-600 1/min
MBX308 18-29.5t 1939 kg 125-150 l/min 400-490 1/min
MBX358 23-31t 2075 kg 160-190 l/min 350-750 1/min
MBX408 26-40t 2871 kg 190-250 l/min 300-600 1/min
MBX458 27-45t 2876 kg 190-250 l/min 300-550 1/min
MBX608 35-59t 3899 kg 210-290 l/min 200-350 1/min


Big Hammer Co is an aftermarket manufacturer for all the brands we sell. Big Hammer Co is not endorsed or sponsored by, or in any way associated with Stanley. This product is an aftermarket part. 

Any use of or reference to the Stanley trademark is for the sole purpose of Indicating compatibility or product fit, and is not meant to imply any affiliation or relationship between Big Hammer Co and Stanley and/or the Stanley Trademark. 

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