They are rough, tough and built to last. The smart design of the RX hydraulic breakers with few components and only two moving parts, offers a high grade of availability and reliability. Thanks to the RX recoil absorbing concept and the polyurethane insulted breaker box system, RX breakers are amongst the most silent breakers on the market and in line with the outdoor equipment directive 2000/14/EU.

RX is a breaker that will handle the toughest jobs year in, year out.

  • Hybrid technology for higher energy
  • Internal control valve for higher efficiency
  • Power booster for higher performance and lower vibration
  • Breaker box guiding system for lower noise and vibration
  • Central lubrication port and field replaceable bushing for easier maintenance
  • Innovative design with less components for higher reliability
  • Easy power for easy handling
  • Field replaceable wear bushin
CP RX Series Hydraulic Breakers
Model Carrier class Service weight Oil flow rate Impact rate Working tool diameter
RX2 1-3t 95 kg 110-130 bar 560-1600 1/min
RX3 2.1-4.5t 166 kg 1450 1/min
RX4 3-6t 215 kg 110-140 bar 520-1300 1/min
RX6 4-9t 275 kg 110-140 bar 530-1200 1/min
RX8 5-12t 370 kg 120-150 bar 530-1000 1/min
RX11 9-15t 550 kg 1100 1/min
RX12 9-15t 625 kg 130-150 bar 600-950 1/min
RX14 12-19t 800 kg 150-170 bar 650-850 1/min
RX18 15-24t 1200 kg 720 1/min
RX22 17-28t 1500 kg 680 1/min
RX25 20-33t 1800 kg 700 1/min
RX26 20-33t 1800 kg 150-170 bar 380-650 1/min
RX29 25-40t 2200 kg 600 1/min
RX30 25-40t 2200 kg 150-170 bar 380-620 1/min
RX38 29-46t 2600 kg 160-180 bar 380-590 1/min
RX45 35-55t 3000 kg 580 1/min
RX46 35-55t 3000 kg 160-180 bar 380-580 1/min
RX53 40-70t 4200 kg 560 1/min
RX54 45-70t 4200 kg 160-180 bar 380-570 1/min


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