New Attachments for Caterpillar Mini Excavators and Backhoe Loaders

Introduction: Caterpillar has unveiled a series of innovative Cat attachments for backhoe loaders and mini excavators, enhancing the functionality of these machines. These new attachments include demolition and sorting grapples, multipurpose grapples for Cat Tiltrotators, vibratory compactor plates, and cold planers.

Demolition and Sorting Grapples Enhanced: The new additions to the Cat Demolition and Sorting Grapple line, namely G306 and G308, are tailored for 5-6-ton and 7-10-ton mini hydraulic excavators respectively. They are particularly suited for tasks that require accurate material placement, such as waste management and recycling. These models provide efficient material handling with 360-degree bidirectional rotation. The G306 has a capacity of 160 l, while the G308 can handle up to 240 l. These grapples are robust and low maintenance, boasting features such as vertical perforated shelves and a durable cylinder with load holding valve.

Cat Tiltrotators: A New Frontier: Caterpillar introduces its first hydraulic attachment expansion for the Cat Tiltrotator, presenting the G206 and G208 Multi-Purpose Grapples. These pair seamlessly with the TRS6 and TRS8 models for 5-10-ton mini hydraulic excavators. The integrated design enables optimal performance and the rotation system facilitates swift material handling. Constructed with AR450 steel, these grapples ensure long-lasting wear resistance.

Advanced Vibratory Compactor Plates: The Cat Vibratory Plate Compactor series welcomes the CVP28 and CVP55 models and also reintroduces the upgraded CVP16 and CVP40 models. Ideal for various construction works, these compactors are compatible with all Cat backhoe loaders and excavators. Their features ensure top-notch performance and durability. Additional tools can be attached to the CVP28, and all models come with options for enhanced functionality.

Precision in Milling: Caterpillar's new Cold Planers are crafted for small-scale paving projects. Efficiently fixing asphalt and concrete surfaces, these tools are perfect for restoring roads. The PC35 is compatible with side-shift backhoe loaders and 5-6-ton mini hydraulic excavators, while the Cat PC45 replaces the PC404, suitable for larger machinery. These cold planers offer easy operation with consistent depth control and several features that boost productivity.

In summary, Caterpillar continues to push boundaries by introducing these versatile attachments, ensuring efficiency and precision in various construction operations.

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