Maximizing Efficiency in Remote-Controlled Demolition with Versatile Attachments

Remote-controlled demolition robots have become indispensable tools for contractors specializing in interior and top-down demolition. Not only are they compact and easily maneuverable, but they also offer the power equivalent to much larger excavators. However, their true versatility shines when equipped with a variety of specialized attachments. This article explores the must-have attachments to unlock the full potential of these mechanical workhorses.

Integrated Carrier and Breaker Systems

The core strength of demolition robots lies in their precisely-engineered hydraulic flow and pressure systems. Designers optimize these aspects, beginning from the tip of the breaker. This not only enhances efficiency and breaking capability but also increases the lifespan of the carrier unit by reducing wear and tear.

Beyond Breakers: The Importance of Diverse Attachments

While breakers are a standard inclusion, limiting the robot to just this tool undersells its capabilities. Attachments like crushers, shears, and grapples offer the ability to handle various tasks such as material handling, excavation, and surface preparation. Employing a suite of these attachments can transform a standard demolition robot into a multi-purpose, remote-controlled toolkit.

Concrete Crushers

Crushers are excellent alternatives to breakers when noise and vibration control is essential. Unlike breakers that use brute force, crushers chew through concrete, leaving behind exposed rebar. They are perfect for top-down applications where noise minimization is a priority. For instance, a Canadian contractor recently demolished a 38-story building using crushers, completing the work discreetly over nine months without disturbing the local community.

Metal and Combi Shears

Shears add an element of safety and efficiency, replacing handheld torches for metal-cutting tasks. Equipped with shears, a demolition robot can safely navigate through spaces with floor-load restrictions while reducing hazards like sparks and fumes.

Multi-purpose Grapples

Grapples are highly versatile, ideal for soft demolition, sorting, and material handling. They can replace manual methods, saving time and money while enhancing safety. Grapples can pull down structural elements like drywall and ceiling sections, keeping workers away from falling debris.


Buckets are essential for a variety of tasks such as excavation and material handling. Their design allows for optimal breakout forces and superior reach, making them ideal for confined spaces. They also offer safety advantages by keeping operators at a distance from dust and potential hazards.

Customization and Adaptability

Today, manufacturers offer more than 80 types of attachments, allowing for customization based on project requirements. From planers and rock drills to saws and shotcrete guns, the range is vast and opens new revenue streams while speeding up return on investment.

By equipping their demolition robots with a diverse array of attachments, contractors can not only enhance the machine's efficiency but also explore new avenues for business expansion.

Author: Jeff Keeling, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Brokk Inc., specializes in the growth and development of the Brokk brand across the U.S. and Canada. He also leads educational programs to help customers maximize the potential of their Brokk machines.


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