Rammer BR4099 Vibration Dampening Element

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Our Vibration Dampening Element are a direct fit for your Rammer BR4099. The OEM part number is 155555.

A hydraulic hammer's vibration dampening element is a crucial component designed to reduce the transmission of vibrations from the hammer to the carrier machine. This element is typically made of specialized materials, such as rubber or elastomers, that possess excellent shock-absorbing properties. Its primary function is to absorb and dissipate the kinetic energy generated during the hammering process, thus preventing excessive vibration from impacting the carrier's structure and operator comfort.

By effectively dampening vibrations, this element helps to extend the lifespan of both the hydraulic hammer and the carrier, minimizing wear and tear on critical components. Additionally, it enhances operator safety and comfort by reducing the amount of transmitted shock and vibration, which can lead to operator fatigue and potential equipment damage over time.


Our tools are crosses to Rammer Part Numbers 155555 (Vibration Dampening Element).


Big Hammer Co is an aftermarket manufacturer for all the brands we sell. Big Hammer Co is not endorsed or sponsored by, or in any way associated with Rammer. This product is an aftermarket part.

Any use of or reference to the Rammer trademark is for the sole purpose of indicating compatibility or product fit, and is not meant to imply any affiliation or relationship between Big Hammer Co and Rammer and/or the Rammer Trademark.

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