CAT H180DS Bushing Assembly

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Our bushing assembly are a direct fit for your CAT H180DS .  Part number is  1249-3314.

The hydraulic hammer bushing assembly is a vital component that facilitates the smooth and effective operation of the hammer. Below is a detailed description of its key features and functions:

  1. Material and Construction:

    • The bushing assembly is typically made from high-strength steel or other durable materials, chosen for their resistance to wear, abrasion, and high-pressure forces.
  2. Bushing Types:

    • There are various types of bushings in the assembly, including front bushings, rear bushings, and intermediate bushings. Each serves a specific purpose in supporting and guiding moving parts within the hammer.
  3. Front Bushing:

    • The front bushing is located at the front end of the hammer's piston, providing essential support and alignment for the striking element (chisel). It absorbs the impact energy generated during operation.
  4. Rear Bushing:

    • Positioned at the rear end of the hammer's piston, the rear bushing helps stabilize the piston's movement and ensures proper alignment within the hammer body.
  5. Intermediate Bushings:

    • Intermediate bushings are located between the front and rear bushings and assist in maintaining stability and alignment of the piston within the hammer's body.
  6. Tolerances and Clearances:

    • The bushings are precision-engineered to specific tolerances and clearances to ensure a snug fit. This reduces play and minimizes friction, contributing to the efficiency and longevity of the hammer.
  7. Lubrication Grooves:

    • Many bushings have lubrication grooves or channels machined into their surfaces. These grooves allow for the even distribution of lubricating oil, reducing friction and wear between the bushing and piston.
  8. Seals and Retention Features:

    • Some bushings may include seals to prevent contaminants from entering critical areas of the hammer assembly. Additionally, retention features secure the bushings in place, ensuring they stay properly aligned during operation.
  9. Replaceability:

    • Due to the high-stress environment in which hydraulic hammers operate, bushings are subject to wear over time. Therefore, they are designed to be replaceable to extend the service life of the hammer.
  10. Compatibility and Sizing:

    • Bushing assemblies are engineered to be compatible with specific hammer models and sizes. It is crucial to select the correct bushing assembly to ensure proper fit and functionality.
  11. Inspection and Maintenance:

    • Regular inspection of the bushing assembly is essential to identify signs of wear, scoring, or damage. Timely replacement of worn bushings is crucial for maintaining optimal hammer performance.
  12. Safety Considerations:

    • Operators should be trained in proper maintenance procedures, including the inspection and replacement of bushings, to ensure safe and efficient operation.

The hydraulic hammer bushing assembly plays a critical role in supporting and guiding the moving parts of the hammer. Proper maintenance and timely replacement of worn bushings are essential for maximizing the hammer's operational efficiency and lifespan.

, your tool is not “Square” with the piston. This will lead to a cracked piston, cylinder damage and seal damage.


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