Power + Reliability = Dependable Performance and Profits It's a simple equation: the fewer parts in your hammer the less tha can go wrong. Featuring only two moving parts and fully fielc serviceable; an RBI hammer will give you the kind of up-time" yol need for profitability and on the job efficiency.
  • Hammer for Job - Get the right RBI hammer for your project. Choose from sixteen different models
  • Slim Compact Design - The narrow rectangular shape works in the tough spots other hammers can't reach like tight trenches or crowded demolition sites
  • High Power-to- Weight Ratio - Precision components provide high efficiency and longer service life

Huskie IPC HH Series Hydraulic Breakers 

Model Carrier class Service weight Oil flow rate Impact rate Working tool diameter
IPC HH100 .8 - 2.2t 89kg 15-30 l/min 700-1450 40mm
IPC HH150 1.25 - 3.25t 154kg 19-46 l/min 520-1170 50mm
IPC HH300 2.25 - 6t 236kg 30-61 l/min 590-1200 60mm
IPC HH500 2.75-7t 250kg 34-76 l/min 510-1180 65mm
IPC HH750 3.35-8t 363kg 50-95 l/min 600-1080 75mm
IPC HH1000 3.5-12t 500kg 61-133 l/min 500-860 90mm
IPC HH1500 9-15T 622kg 80-100 l/min 480-650 100mm
IPC HH2000 10-20t 899kg 80-130 l/min 400-630 115mm
IPC HH3600 18-29t 1398kg 160-184 l/min 480-630 135mm
IPC HH4500 20.5-35t 1848kg 170-196 l/min 480-625 140mm
IPC HH5800 27.5-45t 2402kg 192-223 l/min 450-560 155mm
IPC HH8000 35-65t 3001kg 238-276 l/min 350-450 165mm


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