Kent/Furukawa KF4 Hydraulic Hammer is an impressive piece of demolition equipment. This hammer has been around for a number of years and shown to be a reliable small breaker. In this article, we'll dive deep into its specifications, technical data, and explore the various mounting options available.

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Specifications & Technical Data


Let's take a closer look at the key components that make the KF4 Hydraulic Hammer exceptional:

  • Cylinder (Part No. KF410101): This vital component delivers a powerful impact, making the hammer highly effective.

  • Piston (Part No. KF411101): With consistent and forceful strikes, the piston ensures effective demolition.
  • Fronthead (Part No. KF420201): Built to withstand rigorous use, this durable fronthead is robust and reliable.
  • Accumulator (Part No. KF470001): By maintaining charge pressure, the accumulator maintains the hammer's overall performance.

Mounting Options

The KF4 offers a variety of mounting options to suit different needs:

  • T-Box Mounting (KF4QTT): This option provides a secure and stable attachment, perfect for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Cradle Mounting (KF4QTC): If flexibility and maneuverability are desired, this mounting option offers great ease in various conditions.
  • Flange Side Plate Mounting (KF4FSP): For a firm and reliable connection to the carrier machine, this option is ideal.

Damper Parts

To enhance operator comfort and equipment longevity, the KF4 incorporates top and back dampers (Part Nos. KF488121, KF488128, KF488127) that reduce vibrations. These dampers are crucial for maintaining a smooth operation.

Service Tool Kit:

Kent provides a specialized service tool kit (P/N KF490001) with each hydraulic breaker. This kit contains all the essential tools and wrenches required for maintenance and repairs, allowing you to do ongoing maintenance.

Years Produced

The Kent/Furukawa KF4 Hydraulic Hammer has been in production for several years, evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of the construction and demolition industries.

General Specifications

Beats per minute - 750-1000

Gallons per minute flow - 8.5-13

PSI Range - 1450-2030

Noise rating at 9 meters - 85dB(A)

Recommended Carrier weight in Tons - 3.85 - 5.5


1. Is the KF4 compatible with my excavator?

The KF4 is compatible with a wide range of carriers, including most small excavators and backhoes. It's important to check the hydraulic flow and pressure requirements to ensure a proper fit.

2. Can the KF4 handle reinforced concrete?

Yes, the KF4 is designed to handle a variety of materials, including reinforced concrete. Its high impact energy ensures efficient breaking of tough materials.

3. How do I maintain the KF4 for optimal performance?

Regular maintenance is crucial for the KF4's longevity and performance. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for oil changes, greasing, and inspections.


In conclusion, the Kent/Furukawa KF4 Hydraulic Hammer stands out with its robust construction, versatile mounting options, and efficient performance. It perfectly caters to the small job demolition companies need.


Any use of or reference to the Kent/Furukawa trademark is for the sole purpose of Kent/Furukawa compatibility or product fit, and is not meant to imply any affiliation or relationship between Big Hammer Co and Kent/Furukawa and/or the Kent/Furukawa Trademark. 

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