Kent/Furukawa HD712 Plug (Part# 007010-70030)

Sale price$76.00


Our Plugs are a direct fit for your Kent/Furuakawa HD712. The OEM part number is 007010-70030.

Retainer plugs have one main job, keeping your retainer free of dust and debris, and helping it to stay in place. Retainer bars used without plugs are corroded, filled with dirt and very hard to remove.

Big Hammer Co is an aftermarket manufacturer for all the brands we sell. Big Hammer Co is not endorsed or sponsored by, or in any way associated with Kent/Furukawa. This product is an aftermarket part.

Any use of or reference to the Kent/Furukawa trademark is for the sole purpose of indicating compatibility or product fit, and is not meant to imply any affiliation or relationship between Big Hammer Co and Kent/Furukawa and/or the Kent/Furukawa Trademark.

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