Atlas Copco/Epiroc HB3000 HB3100 points and chisels

Atlas Copco/Epiroc HB3000, HB3100 points and chisels

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Our points and chisels are a direct fit for your Atlas Copco/Epiroc HB3000, HB3100.

This tool measures 6.45 inches in diameter, and 59 inches in length.

Our tools are crosses to Atlas Copco Part Numbers  3363087258, 3363082253 (pyramidal point) & 3363085976, 3363082255 (cross cut Chisel).

Points and chisels will do almost every job you need with a hydraulic breaker. From breaking rock, to asphalt and pavement demolition, these tools will perform. Our tools are made of alloy steel. This steel is then heat treated, making it hard and durable. The heat treating process reaches to the center of the tool for long life.

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