High frequency and high production hydraulic breakers designed specifically for mini-excavators and skid steers for light to medium breaking of rock and concrete.

These hammers have been designed to eliminate the unnecessary rubber bladder type accumulator, minimizing maintenance and downtime.

Shock Mount

  • Heavy duty rubber shock mount absorbs power cell recoil minimizing machine wear and improves operator comfort.

Through Bolt

  • Designed to reduce internal stresses between powercell components resulting in a longer service life.

Nitrogen Gas Chamber

  • Compressed nitrogen gas provides energy to the cylinder downstroke resulting in less demand to the carrier's hydraulic system.

Integrated Valve Design

  • Integrated Valves on all hammer models provide better durability and performance by reducing the number of parts and minimizing pressure losses through external valves.

Light-Weight Cover

  • Reduces noise and provides dust protection

Lubrication Port

  • Compatible with automatic lubrication systems to ensure the chisel and bushing area are adequately greased.

Enclosed Box Design

  • The full box enclosure protects the powercell minimizing hammer maintenance and reduces noise. Standard on all models


  • Long piston stroke minimizes recoil, reduces vibration and provides greater impact energy

Wear Plates

  • As many as eight abrasion resistant wear plates maintain the position of the powercell within the box while reducing noise and vibra

Tool Retaining Bars

  • Allows for easy removal of tool. Dual retaining bars on Models 309-350. Tool Bushing — Field replaceable slip fit bushing, easy to replace resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

Hardened Rock Claw

  • Hardened steel for maximum service life designed to assist the positioning of material to be broken. Quarry Box Design — on Models 313-350.

High Quality Working Tool

  • High grade heat treated steel.
 Magnum RHB Series Hydraulic Breakers 
Model Carrier class Service weight Oil flow rate Impact rate Working tool diameter
RHB303 3300-6600 lb 317 lb 25-35 l/pm 550-1000 bpm 50mm
RHB304 5500-9900 lb 536 lb 50-75 l/min 550-1000 bpm 58mm
RHB305 8800-16500 lb 692 lb 35-65 l/pm 550-1000 bpm 68MM
RHB-306 13200-20000 lb 1032 lb 45-90 l/pm 520-1000 bpm 80 mm
RHB310 18000-26000 lb 1217-lb 60-110 l/pm 500-1000 bpm 93 mm
RBH313 24250-35000 lb 2242 lb 80-140 l/pm 380-850 bpm 105 mm
RHB317 33000-45000 lb 2956 lb 110-170 l/pm 350-750 bpm 117 mm
RHB320 37000-44000 lb 3311 lb 100-150 l/pm 340-700 bpm 125 mm
RHB325 44000-57000 lb 3867 lb 130-180 l/pm 330-650 bpm 135 mm
RHB330 49000-73000 lb 5291 lb 170-240 l/pm 310-680 bpm 150 mm
RHB340 74000-110000 lb 7008 lb 200-280 l/pm 330-600 bpm 165 mm
RHB350 88000-132000 lb 9259 lb 230-330 l/pm 250-500 bpm 180 mm


Big Hammer Co is an aftermarket manufacturer for all the brands we sell. Big Hammer Co is not endorsed or sponsored by, or in any way associated with Magnum. This product is an aftermarket part. 

Any use of or reference to the Magnum trademark is for the sole purpose of indicating compatibility or product fit, and is not meant to imply any affiliation or relationship between Big Hammer Co and Magnum and/or the Magnum Trademark. 

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